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​We're Dani Austin and Sam Ryan, and we've been sharing our sustainability skills across southern Tarntanya (Adelaide) since 2013.

Before this, we lived in the UK, where Dani (they/them) is originally from, and travelled overland to get back to Australia. This meant lots of train travel, from England through Scandinavia, Russia, Mongolia and Asia. We documented that journey via our blog, Dani and Sam Overland.

We now run workshops on more than 30 different sustainable living topics – from carving wooden spoons and making beeswax wraps to brewing kombucha, making festive gifts and more.

These days, we live in a strawbale house in South Australia's permaculture-inspired Aldinga Arts Eco Village, where we grow vegetables, keep chickens, and milk goats.

May 16 2020 57.jpg

Dani's happy place is our greenhouse, where we grow vegetables, natives and other beautiful plants.

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Sam can usually be found in the workshop fixing, tinkering, or whittling something from wood.

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We recognise that we live and work on unceded Kaurna Land, which is why we pay the rent to Aboriginal organisations working to reawaken culture and gain land rights.

More information here: Pay the Rent.

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